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As small and locally based charity organizations assume a crucial role in sustainably avoiding and reducing poverty and misery around the world, our initiative is dedicated to helping them to raise. For this we primarily focus on developing and operating the iDonate App. The App supports our main objective, since it provides worldwide available platform for sharing and initiating charity work.


Because to the generosity of our founding donors the development and operations costs of the iDonate App and this Website have been covered. For making more needy and donors aware of our charity work and reaching a wide user basis for the iDonate App we depend on a permanent presence on communication channels and would appreciate your Donation to our cause. 

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We are also committed to an immediate support out of our charitable activities. We continuously explore new charity initiatives and search for small charity organizations around the world, in order to support them to establish and deliver their local help. 

With your donation you decide, whether you would like to support iDonate or a specific small charity organization. If you use the Donate button on the slides, your funds will be allocated to that reason.


Upon your donation you will receive a confirmation. After your donation you will receive a second confirmation of the usage of your funds. We would be happy to provide you with fotos and thanks from the receivers. Please use our contact form to request this and mention your name and the date of your donation.    

Thank you for supporting our initiative.



We are committed to help in bringing hope to orphan children in an orphanage house in Uganda. We still see the mixture of hope and uncertainty at the kids faces. We would like to change it with your help!

(The "Stand For Hope" orphanage house, Uganda, Eastern Afrika)