Use the iDonate App?

iDonate enables the brokerage of donations. It is not like any fundraising website. The iDonate App allows a real worldwide access to your donation requests and offers, since it is able to translate and show your requests or offers to worldwide users in their respective languages.

The App supports the translation of messages as well, which allows you to communicate with your potential charity partners despite the different languages.

iDonate currently supports 10 languages: ​

  • Arabic

  • Bengali

  • Chinese

  • English

  • French

  • German

  • Indonesian

  • Persian

  • Turkish

  • Urdu

Furthermore, iDonate includes a powerful searching function for donation requests and offers and respects the anonymity and data privacy.


Create Your Space on this Site.


We support you by providing you agree space to create a website for your charity work. See our some examples or contact us.

How to use the iDonate App?

Once you are registered, iDonate helps you to search or offer donations within a worldwide charity network.

What to do, if I want to donate?

If you want to donate, look-up the donation requests published in the iDonate App or create your own donation offer in the App and publish it. It takes you less than two minutes.

What to do, if I need help and I want to receive a donation?

If you are requesting a donation or you are a fundraiser you can create and publish fundraising requests or you can search for and even apply for suitable donation offers.

How to get the iDonate App?

The iDonate App is available on Google Play Store for Android devices. You can get it by scanning the following QR code by your Android device or by clicking here.


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