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iDonate App release 4 for Android is published. This release enables a full-featured support for volunteering.

You can get iDonate at Google Play Store or here.

How to use the iDonate App?

I Want to Request for a Donation as a Charity or Fundraiser. 
What Should I Do?

iDonate provides a free mobile App which supports the brokerage of requests and offers for donations. You can create your request and publish it there or you can search for suitable donation offers. The App acts like a free market place. Donators as well as donation requestors can anonymously publish offers and requests in the App. iDonate is available on Google Play store. You can download it right here

What Should I Do, if I Want to Donate?

Using the iDonate mobile App you can either search for suitable donation requests or create a donation offer with the criteria, which you would like to consider, and share it within the charity network. 

How to support the initiative?

Can I Get Involved in the iDonate Charity Work?

Yes, iDonate offers a range of options for volunteering and a blog for sharing experience and knowledge, all available on this website. There are different ways to get involved in our charity work. Use the button below to start exploring iDonate. 

Can I Donate Funds to iDonate?

Of course, we would very much appreciate your support of the iDonate initiative. Your funds can either be used to strengthen the impact of our initiative or to support a specific charity work. You decide on the allocation with your donation and receive a confirmation, when your funds have been used. See here how to support our mission. 

What is iDonate?


iDonate is a non-profit initiative dedicated to promoting good deeds. The initiative provides an App which allows the brokerage of donations (funds or time) and raises funds which are used to support small good deeds projects around the world. 



Promoting good deeds is crucial for creating a global welfare and a sustainable environment protection. Doing something for good lies on a personal commitment to gratitude and perception of other’s needs. It is more than a contribution to charity, for example by donating funds to charity projects or organizations. We call a donation every kind of personified engagement for good. It covers funds or personal effort (volunteering). Our claim is that donors personally know the recipients of their donation. 

Why donating?

Donating Makes You Feel Better.

Several sources have proven the inner satisfaction that emerges from one's commitment to gratitude. In a research conducted by the US National Institutes of Health with regard to the donation of funds, participants who chose to donate a portion of $100 they were provided enjoyed activated pleasure centers in the brain. 

Donating Brings More Meaning to Your Life.

Making a real impact in good causes expands your horizons and infuses your everyday life with more meaning.

Donating Enriches Your Social Network.

When you donate to people and organizations engaged in charity, you create opportunities to meet new people who believe in causes that will inspire you.

Donating Extends Your Impact for the Cause.

The effect of your own giving will motivate your folks around you to do the same. When your kids see you caring and donating, they are much more likely to adopt a donating mindset and to extend their perception of the world as they grow up.

Donating Creates More Impact for Your Assets.

With a little amount or a specific skill or knowledge you can make a difference in someone's life. In many countries, a small amount of money could result in a week's worth of meals for a starving child, much-needed medical attention or an improved schooling for an orphan child. Sometimes specific in that community missing skills create huge outcomes. Don't just think of your assets from your country’s economic or own society's perspective. Often that asset goes a lot further elsewhere in the world.

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